Courses and workshops in Chinese medicine

David Edsall, Dipl. OM, has been giving lectures and teaching courses and workshops in Chinese medicine for over five years. He has given lectures to international students from the US and Japan and has taught hundreds of people from many backgrounds, interests and nationalities.

There are many offerings depending on what you are looking for. All workshops and courses are taught in English and can be found in various venues throughout Taipei, Taiwan. Below is a brief summary of all of them.


The World of Chinese Medicine

Intended for those really looking to delve deeper into Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine and Western medicine vary greatly and most everyone, including those from East, were brought up understanding Western medicine with little to no knowledge of Chinese medicine.

This eight week course offers both theoretically understanding of the medicine as well as practical advice, on many subjects, to help live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. By the end of the course, attendees will have enough knowledge to understand doctors of Chinese medicine – you will know what they are talking about and what it means! Also, the nutritional, qi gong and other practical parts of the class will be of great benefit to you in the years to come.


Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements

Chinese medicine is a fascinating and ancient health system that has evolved to the modern day. How the Chinese view the body differs greatly from Western medicine. Understanding these differences will help you to understand how Chinese medicine is practiced. In the first session of this two-series class, David Edsall, Dipl. OM, will introduce you to the Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), how they affect us and how you, as an individual, are related to them. In the second class you will learn about nutrition and what you should eat, based on your body’s constitution, to stay healthy and prevent disease.


Staying Healthy with Qi Gong and Acupressure

This course is a two session course. All participants will learn how to use qi gong to stay healthy. In addition, qi gong movements will be taught together with acupressure. You will learn how to use these beneficial techniques for common ailments, such as insomnia, headaches and muscle tension. This will be a paired activity where everyone will receive a more hands-on approach to what you learn in the course.


The Eight Storing Qi Practices

Qi Gong refers to many different types of ancient Chinese health practices that revolve around breath exercises. Through these breath exercises, you can learn to regulate your breathing – bringing better health and more energy to your life. The Eight Storing Qi Practices are eight different practices, each with their own special characteristics and methods. Through learning all of these eight methods, you will have a great variety to use depending on what you need – whether it be to relax your body more or to stimulate your body and circulation.

This is an ongoing course and anyone is welcome to drop in.


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