About Formosa Acupuncture

Teaching students from Hokkaido University, 2015.

Formosa Acupuncture was founded to help foreigners living in Taipei, and Taiwan in general, to find useful information about Chinese medicine. Although Chinese medicine is prevalent here, all doctors are locals with limited English ability and many practice in a style not best suited to our Western culture.

My name is David Edsall and I’ve been involved in the study of Chinese medicine, as well as nutrition, for the past 10 years. I am a licensed diplomate of Oriental medicine issued by the NCCAOM in the USA. Originally from Vero Beach, Florida, my passion for medicine emerged after I had health conditions of my own.

Spontaneous pneumothorax was a condition that plagued me while studying engineering at Tufts university, in Boston. I had surgery to correct the condition but, unfortunately, the surgery made my condition much worse and I, subsequently, lost faith in Western medicine. Later on in life, when I was plagued again, this time by a stomach ulcer, I looked towards Chinese medicine for a solution. After a month of acupuncture and herbs, my condition resolved and my interest in Chinese medicine peaked. I went to Southwest Acupuncture College, in Boulder, Colorado, and completed my masters degree in Oriental medicine. Not only did this start my career in medicine but it also renewed my faith in medicine, both Western and Eastern.

At this point in my life, I made the huge step of moving to Beijing, China, and then to Taipei, Taiwan, to learn Mandarin Chinese and to engross myself in the complete study of this incredible medicinal system. Since moving to Taipei, I have also studied Nutrition and Health Sciences at Taipei Medical University.

I wish to educate the English speaking public on the benefits of Chinese medicine. If you wish to contact me, feel free to at any time.

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