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This section will continue to grow and expand with time. The topics will cover a variety of subjects.

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    • Learn how the ideas correspond to your daily life
    • Find out about recent research in Chinese medicine
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    • Find out how nutrition can keep you balanced in the different seasons
  • Health
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In addition to these, I will add my various ideas and point of view to the above. Research can not be blindly followed as the facts. Research itself only shows certain results in the given study conducted. It can be very useful in finding out correspondences between illness or health and certain factors.

However, research can be sometimes be misleading. As many factors often contribute to chronic illness, it can be difficult to find clear correspondences, especially if the illness itself is caused by multiple factors. In these cases, research can be lacking due to their restriction of looking for a single cause for a specific disease or illness.

I will try to shed light on these factors as I present research and other information on my blog.


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The chicken egg scandal

  Here in Taiwan, we’ve experienced another health scandal. The last one was in regards to unhealthy, and dangerous oils, being sold for consumer use. Now, it’s chicken eggs. Apparently,

Returning to health: Addressing the root of illness

A tree and its root system can be used as an analogy to your health. The health of the tree is very visible. Everything above ground, the trunk, the branches,

Returning to health: What to expect

Everyone wants to be strong and healthy, this goes without saying. I’m sure that just about everyone reading this wishes that they had less stress, more energy, freedom from pain,